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Registry Insider is the new vodcast from the National Registry of EMTs. Hosted by CEO and Executive Director Bill Seifarth, Registry Insider gives you insight, news, and in-depth conversations on a multitude of topics from the National Registry and the EMS industry. With new episodes every week, Registry Insider will keep you informed!  Available on our YouTube channel and the National Registry’s website.

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Episode 3: 
EBGs and the National Registry

This episode overviews the role that evidence-based guidelines are playing with the National Registry’s examinations, as well as with continued competency. Joining CEO and Executive Director Bill Seifarth in this episode are Dr. Scott Gilmore and Dr. Paul Rosenberger.
For more on the prehospital guidelines consortium go to: EBG Resources – Prehospital Guidelines Consortium

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Episode 2: 
Passing the National Registry Examination
How do you prepare your students to be successful with the National Registry examinations?  

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Episode 1: 
ALS Redesign - What is it? Why are we doing it? 
This episode overviews the what and why behind the new AEMT and Paramedic certification examinations. 

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