The National Registry’s launch of scenario-based items for ALS examinations

July 01, 2022
As a part of the ALS Redesign, the National Registry is evolving its examinations to provide a more authentic testing experience through the addition of scenario-based items, or questions.  

Stemming from a recent clinical judgment study published in Prehospital Emergency Care, the new scenarios deeply measure the knowledge and skills required to be a competent practitioner. Presenting the three components of clinical judgment – en route, scene, and post-scene – the scenarios will more accurately reflect what a practitioner experiences in the field and allow them to demonstrate the decisions made in comprehensive patient care. 

These new items will be piloted as early as September 2022. Each of the items will undergo review and refinement to ensure they are ready for widespread use on the National Registry examinations.   

The number of scenarios will be dependent upon the examination level. The AEMT examination will include at least one scenario with 9 to 18 items. The Paramedic examination will include more than one scenario but include up to 10 items. 

The National Registry is excited to use these innovative scenario-based questions to deliver a comprehensive examination experience that allows candidates to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to practice competently and safely in the field.  

Click here to learn more about scenarios and their relationship to the National Registry's ALS examinations. 

Media Contact: 
Shane Cartmill 
Public Relations & Media Manager