The National Registry offers the sale of merchandise to customers and while most orders are processed and received to the satisfaction of the customer there are exceptions where a customer may request to return an item(s) for a refund or exchange an item(s).   

Items listed for sale on the website contain the note: All sales are final. Some exceptions may apply. See our policy.

If you would like to request a refund or exchange, please contact the National Registry 

1. Exchanges- Un-Damaged Items: All sales are final for merchandise purchases, but customers could request an exchange of un-damaged, non-clothing items if they purchase the items at the wrong certification level (ie: customer purchased AEMT emblems when they really needed EMT emblems).

  • Exchanges must be postmarked for return no later than 45 days from the original date of purchase
  • The customer is responsible for the cost of any shipping materials and/or postage/shipping fees associated with mailing the exchange item(s) back to National Registry

2. Returns/Exchanges- Damaged/Defective Items: If a customer receives an item(s) that is damaged or defective they may request a full refund or exchange of item(s) by following these guidelines:

  • Customer will be directed to submit a request for a refund or exchange via e-mail to within 45 days of the original order date.
  • All requests must include the original date of purchase, the applicable order number, written request for refund, and a picture of the damaged item that clearly documents the damage causing the refund or exchange request. If the item is defective as defined above, the candidate need only state that as the reason and submit a request for a refund.

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