What is the National EMS ID?

The EMS ID is a unique 12-digit identification number issued for free to all EMS professionals and students seeking to enter the profession. The EMS ID number is automatically generated by the National Registry when an individual first creates an account. For the nearly two million EMS professionals with an existing account, an EMS ID has been created retroactively with no action required by the provider.

The EMS ID is randomly generated, and the number does not contain any encoded data about the EMS professional. The EMS ID was modeled after the National Provider Identifier (NPI) issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for physicians.

What’s the difference between an EMS ID and a National Registry number?

Since 1970, the National Registry has issued a National Registry Number when an individual becomes certified. Although National Registry Numbers are unique to an individual, they are not static. For example, all Advanced EMTs and Paramedics will have multiple valid National Registry numbers issued during their career - first as an EMT, then as an AEMT or Paramedic. National Registry Numbers are not going away; they are linked to the specific certification earned. However, National Registry numbers were never designed to be a unique identifier and because the numbers change with time, it is difficult to cross-reference databases with only a National Registry number.

The EMS ID number is issued once and does not change or expire. The EMS ID number is like a master account number and individual certification numbers will each be linked to the EMS ID.

What does the EMS ID mean for me?

The EMS ID is a new concept created by the National Registry and developed in conjunction with many EMS partners, including the EMS Compact. Every individual who has created a National Registry account is assigned a number and the number appears in your account. In the future, states may use this number to link your various provider numbers, such as National Registry levels and even your state license. The EMS ID may also be used in the future for making the tracking of your education easier.