COVID-19 Vaccination in EMS Professionals

January 13, 2022
We are eager to share the results of the latest study conducted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Research Team. This study examined EMS professionals' beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine. In April 2021, the research team conducted a study with 2,584 EMS professionals that showed a 70% vaccination rate against COVID-19.  

Respondents were given multiple options as to why they chose to be vaccinated and could select as many that applied to them. 79% said they chose to do so to protect themselves, while 73% said they got vaccinated to protect others. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Status of Yes but hesitantFor the unvaccinated respondents, 53% cited concerns about the vaccine's safety, and 39% felt that it was not necessary. Of the respondents who were initially hesitant but ended up getting the vaccine, the most stated reason for the initial hesitation was that they wanted to see how it would play out for others. 

The odds of vaccination were significantly higher for respondents who felt a greater perceived risk from COVID-19. The strongest predictors of vaccination were increased age, living in an urban or suburban area, and having a bachelor's degree or higher. Interested in reading more? The complete study can be found here