National Registry Adopts Scaled Score Reporting for Examinations

April 11, 2023

Columbus, Ohio – The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is introducing a new score report this summer. The new scaled score report launches June 1, 2023, and is specifically for candidates who were unsuccessful in their National Registry examination attempt. The report will deliver accurate, transparent, and standardized information to aid candidates to prepare for their next examination. 

The new report provides a unique score that will allow candidates to see exactly how they performed in comparison to what it will take to be successful on their next attempt. A benefit of scaled score is that it is standardized, meaning it is statistically adjusted to account for variations in the difficulty level of different versions of the test.   

The introduction of the scale score is aligned with the industry standards and NCCA accreditation requirements and also benefits candidates, states and educators by comparing the performance of test-takers with a uniform metric, making it easier to evaluate and contrast individual performances.   

During the transition period, through September 1, 2023, unsuccessful candidates will continue to receive Domain-Level feedback, the current feedback model, that outlines if they were “below, near or above passing” in addition to the new scaled score based on overall test performance.   

Scaled Scoring is used across testing organizations because of precise and accurate results when comparing test performances. 

Media Contact:
Shane Cartmill
Public Relations and Media Manager