The impact of EMS ID on industry research

November 08, 2023
The impact of EMS ID on industry research

Did you know that we have no database of all practicing EMS clinicians in the United States (US)? It’s true! Although the National Registry is an excellent tool for capturing new entries into the field, it doesn't effectively quantify the existing workforce or identify those exiting the profession. Why? Because being certified doesn’t necessarily mean one is currently employed in EMS.

To truly understand our EMS workforce, we must examine the influx of new clinicians and those who leave. State-level recertification data is starting to shine a light on this, but we still lack comprehensive national data.

Think of a system for EMS clinicians like the National Provider Identifier (NPI), used by health care providers (e.g., physicians and advanced practice providers). The new EMS-ID, while in its early stages, could be the key to understanding true EMS workforce dynamics. Implementing a robust, nationwide EMS-ID system would allow us to accurately quantify our EMS workforce, paving the way for improved stability and resilience in this vital healthcare sector.

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