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In 2012, the NREMT introduced a new recertification model, the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP). While reduced hours are just one of the many benefits with the new model, the change allows a platform for evidence-based medicine to reach EMS professionals all over the country. Additionally, it gives state and local agencies the control to dictate a portion of the recertification requirements and provide a foundation for the EMS professional to embrace life-long learning.

The new model streamlines the recertification process into three categories of continuing education: National, Local, and Individual. The National requirement (NCCR) or the ‘new’ refresher makes up 50% of the new recertification model. Topics will be updated every four years and will reflect current trends and changes in EMS. The Local requirement (LCCR) accounts for 25% of your recertification. These hours will be decided by local entities, including the state, region or agency. Finally, the Individual requirement (ICCR) will complete the remaining 25% of your recertification. Much like the “additional continuing education” section for the traditional model, an individual is free to take any EMS related education.

Another benefit of using this model is an increase in the amount of distributive education that can be used towards your recertification. Distributive education is defined as an approved Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) (Formerly known as CECBEMS)F3 course. You can now take just over half of your hours as distributive education. This breaks down to allow for 1/3 of your national component, 2/3 of your local component, and your entire individual component to be distributive education (Table 1).

States across the nation are beginning to implement this new recertification model. Please check with your state EMS office for information on the upcoming implementation in your state. The NREMT website has NCCP Recertification Resources available to assist you and your state through the transition to the new model.


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