The National Registry of EMTs limits the number of items that can purchased through its online and mobile stores to 20 of any single available item. Any orders exceeding that total is considered a bulk order. Bulk orders are typically placed by agencies, departments and employers who want to provide National Registry items (patches, decals and hats, for example) to their employees or students.  

The National Registry offers a variety of bulk order payment options to agencies, departments and employers, including credit card payments, invoicing, and check or money orders.  

Bulk order requests and arrangements can be made by contacting the National Registry via the following methods:  


National Registry Bulk Orders
PO Box 77200
Detroit, MI 48277

All bulk orders should be placed according to the arrangements agreed to upon the request to purchase of more than 20 individual items. The National Registry reserves the right to decline the request for any bulk order.  

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