All Recertification fees will increase on 1/1/22 (EMR $18, EMT $25, AEMT $26, Paramedic $32) Submit your completed application before Jan. 1 to lock in the current rate.

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

The National Registry Team

Bill Seifarth, MS, NRP

Executive Director

Bill Seifarth was appointed by the National Registry Board of Directors to serve as the fifth Executive Director of the National Registry, starting August 24, 2018. A Nationally Registered paramedic and an industry veteran, Seifarth brings more than 20 years of experience to the position, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS) leadership at both the State and Federal levels, along with a background of managing several comprehensive certification programs.

Lindsey Durham, MBA, CPA

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

The Finance and Administration Team, led by Chief Financial Officer Lindsey Durham, is responsible for managing the business administration functions of the Registry including contracts, sales fulfilment and administrative support. The core mission of this team is prudent and sustainable business operations. Ms. Durham is a CPA and has a Master's in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.

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Mark Terry, MPA, NRP

Chief Certification Officer

The Certification and Policy Team, led by Chief Certification Officer Mark Terry, is responsible for administering certification policies and processes such as eligibility, re-registration, career re-entry, audits, investigations, policy development and accreditation. The core mission of this team is consistent application of certification policies. Previously, Mr. Terry served on the National Registry Board of Directors from 2009 until 2017. Mr. Terry is a Paramedic and has an MPA from the University of Kansas.

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Greg Applegate, PhD, MBA

Chief Science Officer

The Science and Examinations Team, led by Chief Science Officer Greg Applegate, is responsible for research and examinations related processes, test content development for cognitive and psychomotor exams, test administration and psychometrics. The core mission of this team is to advance the understanding of EMS through evidence based research and to provide valid and reliable assessments of competency. Dr. Applegate has a PhD from Purdue University in Educational Psychology and an MBA from Indiana University.

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Lori Leist, MLHR

Chief People Officer

The human resources team, led by Chief People Officer, Lori Leist, is responsible for managing the strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team of professionals at the National Registry.  Part of the Registry’s vision statement is to be the best place to work; Lori and her team work to make this a reality.  Ms. Leist holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from the University of Dayton, and a Masters of Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University.  

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Tad Rhodes

Chief Information Officer

Tad Rhodes is responsible for overseeing technology initiatives used by the National Registry in achieving the organization's mission while adding value to our stakeholders. Tad has over 20 years of project leadership and software development experience in the digital, communications, e-commerce and non-profit spheres. He is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BS in Computer Science and BA in Interdepartmental Studies.

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Alan Arguello

Director of Stakeholder Partnerships

Alan Arguello leads the organization’s team responsible for partnerships with key stakeholders, including Federal Agencies, State EMS Offices, EMS Employer Agencies, and EMS Educational Programs. Alan is a Paramedic and certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He carries a Bachelor's in National Security Studies from Tulane University and a Master's in Business Administration from Louisiana State University, Shreveport.

Jon Bryden

Associate Director of Information Technology

Jon Bryden is responsible for assisting the Chief Information Officer in overseeing the technology iniatives used by the National Registry in achieving the organization's mission while adding value to our stakeholders. Jon is responsible for directing the National Registry's information technology team. Jon has over 8 years of information technology project experience and has a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Accounting from The Ohio State University.

John Corley

Program Manager

John Corley is the Associate Content Developer at the National Registry. Mr. Corley is a Paramedic and has a Bachelor's in Emergency Medical Services from The University of South Alabama.

Mihaiela Gugiu, PhD

Director of Psychometrics and Analytics

Dr. Mihaiela Gugiu is responsible for ensuring that all examinations, scores and related materials produced by the National Registry meet acceptable standards under public and professional scrutiny. Dr. Gugiu has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Western Michigan University.

Sara Hammond


Sara Hammond is a Senior Accountant with over ten years of experience at the National Registry. Ms. Hammond has a Bachelor's in Accounting from Franklin University.

Megan Hollern

Certification Manager

Megan Hollern assists with the development and implementation of the National Registry recertification and eligibility policies and procedures. Ms. Hollern is a Paramedic, a Registered Nurse, and she has a Master's in Management and Leadership from Webster University.

Matthew Jennell


Matthew Jennell is a web application developer with experience in Swift (iOS), C#, JavaScript, XAML, WPF, XML, C++, Python, VBA, and JAVA. Mr. Jennell has a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Mathematics from Capital University.

Dawn Markiecki

Customer Experience Manager

Dawn Markiecki assists with the development and implementation of the National Registry certification and eligibility policies and procedures. Ms. Markiecki has a Bachelor’s in Business Communication from Walden University.

Corinne Miesse

Sr. Certification Specialist

Corinne Miesse is the Senior Certification Specialist at the National Registry. She has a Masters of Library and Information Science from Kent State University.

Ash Panchal, MD, PhD

Research Director

Dr. Ashish R. Panchal oversees the National Registry's research activities and serves as a mentor for the research fellows. He is also an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and serves as the Delaware County EMS medical director. Dr. Panchal has a PhD in Organ System Physiology from Case Western Reserve University and a MD from The Ohio State University.